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Foil dishes we use are 110mm x 34mm.

Delipak-Foil dishes 110mm at www.amazon.co.uk 

We highly recommend them.


There are 2 components to this mould, the mould itself & the tamper.

Before starting you must dust the mould & the tamper with a good coating of flour, this acts as a release agent & make sure to check or re-dust every time.

First thing is to roll out your pastry & cut out a 210mm diameter circle then place your tamper in the middle pull the pastry edges up the sides of the tamper whilst inverting the tamper.

Now lift your mould & place over the upturned tamper & pastry & holding them together place them the right way up on your worktop.

use your tamper to move the pastry to match the inside of the mould achieving a smooth  liner of pastry all around the inside

 tease the excess over the edges of your foil tray & leave it hanging over for the moment. The thickness of your Pastry is recommended to be a minimum of 3mm.

There is no need for bare baking, if that thought worries you. fill your pastry shell with rice or baking beans & bake at 170c for just 10 mins.

Now your filling of choice whether it is steak & kidney, cheese & onion or even a savoury item like apple or even a custard pie mix the choice is endless.

It makes absolutely no difference to the moulding of the pastry . If your pie needs a lid you can now egg wash the edges of the pastry place on the lid & crimp the edges, once you're happy to trim the excess pastry around the edge of the dish, an old credit card is good for this using a vertical sawing action all around the edge. 

Now you are ready for the Oven.

When finished you must clean your mould & tamper, do not under any circumstances immerse in water, not the dishwasher either. Wood does not like water at all & not direct sunlight or stored in a hot cupboard. Simply brush off all the excess flour & wipe with a damp cloth leaving it to air dry then store in a dry cool environment.

Remember I am not a professional baker or chef but a woodworker, but enjoy baking for all the obvious reasons. Good Luck.

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Our second Pie Mould is as old as the hills dating back to the 1800s at least.

The Pie Dolly.

It was featured recently on TV by Paul Hollywood, you could Google Paul Hollywood Pork Pie Dolly or you could watch it on You Tube.

My Dolly is a bit different from the norm in the fact that it has a slight taper making it easier to remove from the pastry.

Unlike our other Pie Mould this is just the one piece & it's recommended that instead of flour for the lubricant we use oil, just vegetable oil or whatever is handy in the kitchen. You can even avoid the oil & wrap it in cling film but it's a bit tricky to get it right. Either way it's a case of Practice makes Perfect.

A good piece of advice I was given was to use a Strong Flour. It says it on the packet & your flour doesn't want to be too soft.

Roll your dough into balls the roll out to about 4mm thick cut a circle say 120mm place your Dolly centered on the pastry & tease it up the sides about 50mm, your hands need to be cool & cup them as you caress it up the sides, occasionally give the dolly a little twist to avoid it welding itself to the base of the shell.

Whilst still wrapped around the dolly trim the height say 60m up then gently twist easing it up off the bottom of the shell, once unstuck it should lift out easily. Again Blind bake for ten mins let them cool.

Add your filling then egg wash the top edges & add the lid crimping all the way round, now we are ready for the oven proper.

When finished you must clean your dolly thoroughly not with water. Remember that wood does not like water under any circumstances, not in the dishwasher, wood also dislikes too much heat, dampness hot cupboards even direct sunlight so avoid at all costs. Simply wipe your Dolly with Kitchen Roll then finally a dry cloth & leave to air dry then store in a dry cool cupboard.

The bottom of the Dolly will be approx 64mm in diameter.

Remember I am not a Professional Baker or a Chef but a woodworker. but I do enjoy baking & reaping the benefits. My moulds I created  to make my mini production line more efficient.

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