Woodturner Peter


Our Pens start life as an Acorn lying on the ground of the Forests in Oregon on the west coast of the USA. Then taking root it grows 50 to 80ft as a temperate hardwood, unlike the European Oak which grows small with twisted bows.

Once felled they are left to air dry for a couple of years before being machined to stave sizes. For every tree felled another 2 are planted making it a very sustainable process.

Shipped to the UK they are then distributed to the Coopers.

It may interest you to know that India are the biggest consumers of Whisky, in 2014 1.5 Billion litres were consumed dwarfing the USA 462 million litres according to the Bank of America.

The UK remain the largest exporter of Whisky in 2018 a reported estimate of 6.4 billion US dollars worth was shipped around the world. The Barrels of course don't last forever & we do our best to recycle as many as we can.

In 2021 we will be adding more Whisky Barrel products to our website, so keep an eye on our progress please.